Organizer references -

Organizer references

Organizers of presentations and seminars often highlight the successful combination of consolidated knowledge and entertaining presentation style. Professor Römermann is generally among the most frequently booked speakers. Satisfaction ratings of over 90 % document the positive feedback which is systematically compiled and analyzed in an uninhibited manner by virtually all organizers.


A few examples:


"Please offer more events with Dr. Römermann" – was just one of the many positive responses we received about our first event with Dr. Römermann in October 2008. We were more than happy to accommodate this request and are excited Dr. Römermann will now be speaking at our office on various legal issues several times a year. After all no matter what the topic is, his presentations belie the preconception that legal issues are only one thing – boring and dry. Quite the opposite: His presentations are very entertaining from start to finish and can be understood by legal laymen but not at the expense of the legal thoughtfulness. This makes legal issues fun!

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Prof. Dr. Römermann has now been a permanent fixture among TeleTax speakers for years – and for a good reason: He manages to impart seminar contents to participants with a matchless mix of top level expertise and an energetic presentation style. His direct conversation with participants leaves no question unanswered – seminars are virtually "alive". TeleTax would therefore like to thank Prof. Dr. Römermann for his dedication, we look forward to many more successful seminars.

Frank Meinold, Head of Knowledge Transfer, DATEV


All of our participants rated Dr. Römermann's lecture on "ESUG" as excellent in all areas (expertise, practical significance, didactics). The supplied script also earned rave reviews.

Dr. Kerstin Graupner-Mayer, Authorized Signatory, Berlin Brandenburg Association of Tax Consultants

For years Mr. Römermann has been a permanent fixture on the Boysen+Mauke event calendar. His refreshing lectures have reached cult status among the Hamburg Bar, so that it registers for events regardless of the topic as long as the speaker is Römermann. His cutting and controversial views on German Federal Supreme Court rulings are always popular. He pointedly takes the other angle and includes the audience's opinion in a very entertaining way. We largely have to thank Mr. Römermann for the great success of our new event series "HAV Luncheon", now in some cases at 200 participants.

Rainer Bülck, head of JohannisContor / RWS Sales, Schweitzer Fachinformationen Boysen+Mauke oHG

Dr. Römermann, the excellent speaker,
is very talented and so eloquent on top of it.
He knows how to discuss issues with participants in different ways.
Despite the dry topic the listener will still be entertained.
He imparts his expertise every single day,
and his presentations are always effective.
He takes participants on a legal journey in
a very practical manner.
We can also highly recommend this speaker if a
member of the audience has a legal question.

Bernd Hausmann, Head of Integrated Management Systems, itsc GmbH

Prof. Dr. Römermann has been one of our speakers on business and corporate law for over 6 years. Our participants rate him as an excellent speaker in specialized attorney courses as well as one-day seminars. He imparts his distinct expertise with a very structured, entertaining and lively presentation style. We appreciate Dr. Römermann greatly and look forward to continuing trustful work with him for many more years to come.

Claudia Bopp, President, ARBER-Seminare GmbH


Prof. Dr. Römermann was able to clearly get the abstract topic of "Compliance" across to our technical and sales staff. He wasn't afraid to keep the audience entertained and on topic with „theatrical" performances and answer all questions with actual examples. The joint lunch later on resulted in an animated discussion which further enlarged upon the presentation. We look forward to future seminars with Prof. Dr. Römermann."

Babette Soltau, Head of Law and Personnel, Vossloh Rail Services GmbH


Hooray, they're still around! Speakers who can excite their audience with clever text, a sophisticated choice of words and a zappy presentation style. This most certainly includes attorney Prof. Dr. Volker Römermann. A graduate lawyer with the utmost of expertise who really knows how to make challenging legal topics exciting for the audience and give an understanding of it through a humorous performance. His entertaining style make the key contents of his presentations stick with the audience. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to hear Prof. Dr. Römermann speak.

Mario Werner, Sales Territory Manager Commercial Customers Brandenburg-East, Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG

Prof. Dr. Römermann knows how to captivate his audience during legal topics using wordplays and anecdotes. Exciting yet entertaining, this transfer of knowledge is an experience.

Gerrit Jordan, Legal Counsel, Vossloh Locomotives GmbH

Dear Dr. Römermann; I would like to thank you for the high quality training course on bribery and corruption you have held for our managers in Toulouse on 17. and 20. June 2013 in English and French language. We have very much enjoyed the professional and interesting training which has been presented by you very lively and captured the attention of our managers on this important topic. Your excellent language skills in English and French language have made this training accessible to all our international participants. We feel better prepared to fight against corruption and bribery! 

Dirk Redda, Compliance Officer, Vossloh Cogifer

Cher Dr. Römermann, Je tenais à vous remercier pour la qualité de vos deux sessions de formation des 17 et 20 juin derniers qui ont été très appréciées de l'ensemble de nos collaborateurs. Cette formation enrichissante et dans la bonne humeur a favorisé les échanges avec les participants et a permis à tous d'avoir une vision plus précise de l'objectif à atteindre en matière de lutte contre la corruption. 

Dirk Redda, Compliance Officer, Vossloh Cogifer




  • Mr. Römermann masters this skill in a way I can only envy him. Mr. Römermann does it by being lively, being concise and connecting with the audience.
    Prof. Dr. Reinhard Singer
    Dean, Faculty of Law at
    Humboldt University of Berlin
  • I have to say, Prof. Dr. Römermann is a lecture speaker par excellence. He’s able to solve any issue. I personally can only say thank you, Volker Römermann, thank you for your commitment and keep it up.
    Dr. Dieter F. Kindermann
    Marketing Director and Authorized Signatory
    WWK AG
  • I’m always delighted when I hear Prof. Dr. Römermann speak. We invited him to our company breakfast. That’s where he launched the category „5 Minute Law" and always so lively, so animated and so great in such a way that legal basics can’t be typically presented. I’m still completely thrilled.
    Karl-Wilhelm Veigt 
    Head of BVMW Hannover economic region
  • The position of Prof. Dr. Römermann on partnerships was rhetorically articulate, very emotional and passionate yet well-versed on the subject.
    Andreas Buhr
    German Speakers
    Association (GSA)


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