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Volker Römermann

Volker totalVolker Römermann only speaks on topics he is very familiar with. He has been working in his dream job of attorney since 1996. Right from the start he combined it with presentations and teaching at universities. Passing on knowledge and sharing it with others has been and is his motto. Not "keeping the power of knowledge to yourself". Even in his early years in the job, Volker Römermann was a sought-after speaker at conventions and a popular lecturer. Real life experiences make presentations lively and vivid.

But even scientific thoughtfulness is not short-changed: Over 20 books have been published and written by Volker Römermann (partly shared projects). The German Federal Supreme Court, the German Federal Constitutional Court and many other courts have referenced and quoted from them countless times.

Based on his expertise, Volker Römermann was bestowed the honorary title Professor at the renowned Humboldt University of Berlin in 2012, where he continues to teach. For fun, since there is no "fee" involved for the university. The fun is contagious: Those who have seen Prof. Dr. Volker Römermann on stage will never forget it



  • Mr. Römermann masters this skill in a way I can only envy him. Mr. Römermann does it by being lively, being concise and connecting with the audience.
    Prof. Dr. Reinhard Singer
    Dean, Faculty of Law at
    Humboldt University of Berlin
  • I have to say, Prof. Dr. Römermann is a lecture speaker par excellence. He’s able to solve any issue. I personally can only say thank you, Volker Römermann, thank you for your commitment and keep it up.
    Dr. Dieter F. Kindermann
    Marketing Director and Authorized Signatory
    WWK AG
  • I’m always delighted when I hear Prof. Dr. Römermann speak. We invited him to our company breakfast. That’s where he launched the category „5 Minute Law" and always so lively, so animated and so great in such a way that legal basics can’t be typically presented. I’m still completely thrilled.
    Karl-Wilhelm Veigt 
    Head of BVMW Hannover economic region
  • The position of Prof. Dr. Römermann on partnerships was rhetorically articulate, very emotional and passionate yet well-versed on the subject.
    Andreas Buhr
    German Speakers
    Association (GSA)


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